Danilo Ribeiro

3D artist

With a major in Archeology and Art History, Danilo got his start in the 3D world working on digitizing, reconstructing and maintaining historical artworks and archaeological pieces. After a while, tired of dealing with snake bites and the occasional gigantic rolling boulder, Danilo made the transition to work full time with his two long time passions: CGI and game developing.

He taught game design and consulted for companies on Unreal Engine 4, before starting at FireGrader. He enjoys playing and developing games as his hobbies.

Favorite object: Does my Steam account count? If not then definitely my edition of Alex Ross’ and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come.
Favorite Food: Spicy Mexican Food!
Music: I got a special place for Hammerfall ­ Glory to the Brave in my heart, but put on any kind of cheesy power metal and I’m a happy man.
Movie: Fight Club
Guilty Pleasure: Watching really bad 80’s movies.