Ante Lundberg

PR & Project Manager

Being a multi facilitating enabler, Ante handles project and customer relationship management, public relations, spins all the plates and makes great coffee. If you need help with something, he is the one you should talk to. As an avid consumer of film, literature and other media, Ante is also part of the concept development and script writing team. Our collective creative direction draws upon our rich diversity of inspiration and interests.

On his free time, Ante passionately enjoys skiing and hiking together with his wife and son. He also has an avid interest in vinyl records.

Favourite object: My headset and vinyl player
Favourite food: The western norwegian classic, Pinnekjøtt
Music: Progressive Rock. Steven Wilson for president!
Movie: Impossible. But of recent films, Mad Max Fury Road should be mentioned. It is perfection.
Guilty pleasure: 80’s pop