Havila Kystruten

Norway has one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines and leading you along it is the new cruise line Havila Kystruten.
But since their ships won’t start their tours before 2021 the best way to show the wonders of your potential next holiday is by visualizing it in CG.

I&M kommunikasjon challenged us with the task of creating and placing the digital doubles of Havila’s ships in the exciting natural wonders of the Norwegian coast.

We used a mix of photos and renderings in order to accomplish this task and it turned out magical! The result can be seen below including a quick breakdown of how we did the pre-visualization of the “Restaurant” image.

Client: Havila Kystruten  |  Country: Norway  |  Agency: I&M Kommunikasjon  |  Creative/Art director: I&M Kommunikasjon  |  CGI: FireGrader  |  Creative Retouching: FireGrader  |  Casting and photo shoot: FireGrader  |  Post production: FireGrader